We accept card and cash payments. (£4 or over will have to be spent in order to use our card machine, this is for the ticket side and the food and drink side). Disability cards: The only disability card we accept is a CEA card. Find out more information here:

– £5.00 per adult. (Ages 15 and over) 

£4.00 per child (Ages 2 to 14 years of age) If your child is under 2 and requires a seat you will be charged. 

£4.00 per senior. (Ages 60 and over) 

£4.00 per student. (Student’s require ID) 

£3.00/£3.50 on selected shows! Due to an increase in film charges, some films will be £5.00 for everyone including students and seniors. 

Classic Club: – £5.00 per non-member – £4.00 per member *Free hot drink and biscuit included* 

Little Smiles Matinee: – £5.00 per adult, up to two kids go free – Perfect for toddlers! – Not on during the school holidays A minimum of £4 has to be spent in order to make payments using our card machine.