We accept cash and card payments. £4.00 or over will have to be spent in order to use our card machine, this is for the ticket side and the food and drink side. We do not accept £50.00 notes.

General ticket prices: Due to the pandemic going forward all tickets will be £5.00 for everyone unless we advertise a different price under special circumstances.

Disability cards: The only disability/carers card we accept is a CEA card. Find out more information here: Only one carer can go in free, only if a CEA card is shown.

Free tickets: Unfortunately free tickets & gift cards cannot be used until all of our seats are available again. We are working hard to keep our cinema going and keeping our ticket prices as cheap as possible. As soon as all of our seats are allowed to be used we promise you can use your free tickets.

Little Smiles: Our Little Smiles toddler mornings will currently not be taking place until we have recovered from the pandemic. They will be back soon!