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The Silver Screen Cinema, Dover Discovery Center, Gaol Lane, Market Square, Dover CT16 1PH • Directions here: • (Down the side of Dover Museum) *To show some films we need 5 customers or more.*

To all of our loyal customers. We will be closed until further notice to help protect our staff and our customers. We will reopen once it's safe to do. We will keep everyone updated via Facebook and our website. Thank you, everyone, for your support. We hope everyone stays safe. Many thanks Silver Screen Dover


Little Smiles is perfect for toddlers (and the parents) and first-time cinema-goers! On some Wednesday mornings and on the occasional Monday/Friday morning we will have a child-friendly film for a cheap price! *Maximum of two children per adult.* (Exclusive to some schools) • £5 TICKET FOR AN ADULT/SENIOR AND 1 TO 2 KIDS • • £1 PER HOT DRINK •


Once a month after school 'Opportunites Matinee will take place to increase the opportunities for people with disabilities at our cinema. • X1 CARER FREE WITH EVERY TICKET PURCHASED • ADDITIONAL CARERS PAY THE PRICE OF THE FILM OR £4 ON A NORMAL SHOW • £1 HOT DRINK • VOLUME WILL BE LOWER • LIGHTS WILL BE DIMMED • BOOK ANY SEAT •


- £5.00 per adult. (Ages 15 and over) - £4.00 per child (Ages 2 to 14 years of age) If your child is under 2 and requires a seat you will be charged. - £4.00 per senior. (Ages 60 and over) - £4.00 per student. (Student's require ID) - £3.00/£3.50 on selected shows! Due to an increase in film charges, some films will be £5.00 for everyone including students and seniors. Classic Club: - £5.00 per non-member - £4.00 per member *Free hot drink and biscuit included* Little Smiles Matinee: - £5.00 per adult, up to two kids go free - Perfect for toddlers! - Not on during the school holidays A minimum of £4 has to be spent in order to make payments using our card machine.


- £150 for up to 40 people. £2 a head after 40 people! (This price is prior to 7pm. If you require a later slot please contact us) - A £50 deposit will be required at least 2 weeks prior to the party date. This is non-refundable. - The remaining balance will need to be paid before you enter the auditorium on the day of your party. - Parties are 2.5 hours long. (The party will need to start and finish within the allocated time slot.) - We cannot guarantee films until the week of the party. This is due to the film company rules. However, we can play DVDs and Blu rays however these will need to be provided by the host. - You can bring your own food and drink to the party. We provide a table at the front of the auditorium. Our kiosk will be open for refreshments if needed. - All of our hot drinks for the party will be £1 each. - Time and dates are subject to availability. - Prices may vary for school bookings and charity events. *Parties that booked prior to the 5th March will be honoured at the previous price.*

Call 01304 228000 or pop in to book your party!


- Payment Methods: We accept card and cash payments. (£4 or over will have to be spent in order to use our card machine, this is for the ticket side and the food and drink side) - Disability cards: The only disability card we accept is a CEA card. Find out more information here: - Gift Cards: To buy a gift card all you need to do is come in during our open hours and ask. - Raffle Prices: Come into our cinema with a letter of proof then we will happily donate a voucher. - Seats: We have 77 seats and beanbags. - No Alcohol: We are an alcohol-free cinema. Anyone found with alcohol inside will be asked to leave.


*We do not give refunds on booked seats.* 1) Reservations can only be made via phone call (01304 228000) or by popping into the cinema. Answer phone and Facebook messages will NOT be accepted. This is because we require payment upfront. 2) Payments have to come to £4 or over. If you want to buy a single ticket under £4 you will need to pay cash to reserve, however you have to pop in to physically book the seat. 3) Best times to call us is 30 minutes after a film starts. All times for our films can be found above. If you struggle to get through after many attempts then we advise you to pop into the cinema and pay or you arrive more than 30 minutes before the film. Keep an eye on our Facebook page to find out if we are fully booked for a show. 4) In the mornings we only open 30 minutes before the film starts so we cannot take reservations on the morning of the first film. 5) At the moment you can only reserve on a row so you can say "two on back row" but you cannot request specific seats. Below is the seating plan of our cinema. Feel free to use this as a guide when you call to book your seats but be aware that the seats you would like may not always be available. *We currently only have two large beanbags.*


Would you like to advertise on our screen, in the magazine and on our website? Find out how by calling 01304 228000 or pop in and have a chat!


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